Who is pastor Jeremiah Davis?

Pastor Jeremiah Davis is a preacher, public speaker and global evangelist. He is also the owner of the online ministry called Messengers of Light (MOL for short). The website can be seen via this link.

Together with his wife and daughter, they have travelled across the world sharing the everlasting gospel of truth and inspired members to develop a passion for searching the scriptures.

The influence of their ministry can be seen online especially across YouTube where there are thousands of videos recorded from various parts of the world.

If you would like Pastor Davis to come to your area it’s a simple process which begins by checking for availability via their website.

As mentioned on their website below are events that they may be able to come and attend:

  • Camp Meetings
  • Weekends/Weeks of Prayer
  • Prophecy Seminars
  • Youth Meetings
  • Health Seminars
  • Evangelism/Soul-winning Workshops
  • And More! Get in touch for more information

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to be in the audience during a number of his presentations and I have to be honest and say that it was a blessing to hear the message of the plan of salvation presented in an eye opening manner. After listening to each message I was keen to study the bible deeper to have a deeper understanding of the truth for myself.

His sermon topics are usually based on the following categories:

  • The plan of redemption
  • Last days events & End times sermons
  • Salvation
  • Righteousness by faith
  • Preparation for the coming of Christ

Our popular post ‘Powerful Christian Quotes‘ includes some quotes that I took from some of his presentations.

Pastor Jeremiah Davis sermons

Below is a YouTube playlist I created of a series of presentations that I was privileged to attend in Wales, UK.

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