Why was Daniel in Babylon, Joseph in Egypt and Esther in Persia?

Satan was trying to destroy the avenue for the Messiah. God worked through His loyal followers and was able to deliver them:

  • Joseph becomes ruler to provide food in time of famine to save the family line.
  • Esther intervenes to prevent the slaughter of the family line.
  • Daniel and his three friends were used by God to enlighten the pagan leaders to the Creator God and to eventually have the people restored to their land thus preserving the family line.

The family line mentioned above is the one through which the Messiah would come.

ComeAndReason ministries presents the case that there are more lessons to learn:

  • Joseph was sold by His brothers into slavery. Philippians tells us Jesus left heaven to become human all the way down to being a servant or slave.
  • Joseph was faithful to God and persecuted and falsely accused and put in prison, the dungeon, pit metaphor for grave but arises to rule and save. Jesus was faithful to God and falsely accused and sentenced to death, goes into the grave, but arises to rule and save.
  • The story of Esther gives a different object lesson—where were the people of Israel supposed to be at the time of Esther?

The people of Israel should have returned back in Israel. They had been set free and God called them to return to Israel and rebuild the temple and reestablish their nation and fulfill their mission to prepare the world for Messiah.

Mordechai and Esther were among the Israelites who did not obey. They did not go where God told them. And thus were exposed to attack by Satan through Hamann. Did God abandon them or did God still stay with them and help them? How many times have we heard that if you do this or that God will not be with you?

The book of Esther tells us that God doesn’t give up on us even when we make choices that go against His revealed will. He only gives up and lets us go when we are beyond healing, not when we choose something we know isn’t what He would want.

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