Animal Deaths Around the World

For all the animals of the forest are mine, and I own the cattle on a thousand hills. ~ Psalms 50:10

animal deaths around the world

Mass mortality events around have alarmed scientists in what some have described as a ‘biblical’ devastation. This post includes sources on where to read scientific research done on animal deaths around the world. Use the resources in this article to learn more about these topics:

  • Animal deaths around the world
  • Animals dying from plastic & animals dying in the ocean
  • Animals dying from pollution
  • Endangered animals
  • Animals dying from climate change
  • Mass animal deaths

Animals Dying From Plastic Trash

This great article below written by Our Green Planet demonstrates the amount of animals that die from trash. The authors go on to explain what we as a global community can do to solve this problem.

Animals Dying From Pollution

Here is a great article, written by the National Geographic Channel, highlighting the effects of pollution to wildlife is this one below

Endangered Animals

An official report produced by WWF shows that 60% of wildlife around the globe since 1970 has been wiped out by humanity.

image source: WWF and The guardian

Animals That are killed Each Year For Food

A vast variety of animal (301 species) are being eaten to extinction as shown in this official report as published on the Royal Society Publishing website.

Animal Deaths From Climate Change

Global mammal and bird losses around the world

Recent research published in the journal Nature Communications shows very large losses of mammals and birds around the world.

Mass Animal Deaths

It is believed that the unexplained series of mass animal deaths around the world are signs of the times. Below is an updated list of such animals deaths that have happened across the world since 2011.

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