5 Reasons To Pray For Others

5 reasons to pray for others

About a year I attended training course which taught the fundamentals of evangelism and outreach, the course was provided by LIGHT. Below are 5 key lessons I learnt about the importance of praying for others.

Top 5 Reasons To Pray For Others

1.We are able to see the sins in our own lives and churches and our great need of Jesus (Psalm 51:10-13; Joshua 7:5-11).

2.Prayer deepens our desire to see the thing we are praying for (Genesis 32:24-261; 1 Kings 18:41-46). Some quotes that relate to this point:

Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 203.  “Jacob prevailed because he was persevering and determined. His experience testifies to the power of importunate prayer. It is now that we are to learn this lesson of prevailing prayer, of unyielding faith.”  

Prayer, p. 139.  “Important lessons are presented to us in the experience of Elijah… Had he given up in discouragement at the sixth time, his prayer would not have been answered, but he persevered till the answer came. We have a God whose ear is not closed to our petitions; and if we prove His word, He will honor our faith. He wants us to have all our interests interwoven with His interests, and then He can safely bless us; for we shall not then take glory to self when the blessing is ours, but shall render all the praise to God.

3.Prayer puts us in touch with God’s wisdom (James 1:5).

“Prayer puts us in touch with God’s wisdom (James 1:5).” Click To Tweet

4. Prayer enables God to work more powerfully than if we did not pray (Daniel 10:12).

Letter 201, 1899.  “By this we see that heavenly agencies have to contend with hindrances before the purpose of God is fulfilled in its time. The king of Persia was controlled by the highest of all evil angels. He refused, as did Pharaoh, to obey the word of the Lord. Gabriel declared, He withstood me twenty-one days by his representations against the Jews. But Michael came to his help, and then he remained with the kings of Persia, holding the powers in check, giving right counsel against evil counsel. Good and evil angels are taking a part in the planning of God in His earthly kingdom. It is God’s purpose to carry forward His work in correct lines, in ways that will advance His glory. But Satan is ever trying to counterwork God’s purpose. Only by humbling themselves before God can God’s servants advance His work. Never are they to depend on their own efforts or on outward display for success.

Great Controversy, p. 525.  “It is a part of God’s plan to grant us, in answer to the prayer of faith, that which He would not bestow did we not thus ask.”

5. Prayer makes us more earnest in our efforts to win souls (Philippians 1:3-4).

“Prayer makes us more earnest in our efforts to win souls (Philippians 1:3-4).” Click To Tweet

Christ’s Object Lessons, p. 354.  “As we seek to win others to Christ, bearing the burden of souls in our prayers, our own hearts will throb with the quickening influence of God’s grace; our own affections will glow with more divine fervor; our whole Christian life will be more of a reality, more earnest, more prayerful.”

6 Testimonies, p. 80.  “We should hold convocations for prayer, asking the Lord to open the way for the truth to enter the strongholds where Satan has set up his throne, and dispel the shadow he has cast athwart the pathway of those who he is seeking to deceive and destroy.”

This Day With God, p. 171.  “Oh, that the earnest prayer of faith may arise everywhere, Give me souls buried now in the rubbish of error, or I die! Bring them to the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus.”

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