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prayer request wall

Welcome! Below is a list of prayer requests made by those in genuine need of prayer. We take all the requests below seriously. You are invited to also pray for a request below if you get the chance. Let’s transform our communities through genuine prayer and love for one another.

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The Prayer Wall

  • My step mom

    My step moms health is declining and she have a very young child I'm asking for prayers to help her so she can see her youngest go to school

  • Car accident

    I was recently in a car wreck that resulted in the totaling of my vehicle. I still owed $6000 on the car. Please, pray that my insurance covers the remainder of what was owed.

  • Work Permit

    Please pray for me to get work permit to be able to sustain myself here.
    Thank you & God bless

  • Ms

    My fiancé and I are getting married in March but finances don’t look good. We don’t want to postpone. We know and believe that God owns everything and He is capable of providing. Please help us pray for a break through

  • Ms

    For a miraculous breakthrough in my finances,I'm even contemplating suicide i need help immediately

  • Employment Opportunity

    I have been unemployed for four years. I have applied for opportunities which have been pending since application closure. Please pray for their positive response and ultimate employment.

  • Ms

    Pray for my friend who is trusting God for rent
    We are also doing business together, we are praying for paying clients to come through.
    Praying for total healing for my sister. She suffering from a rare condition that has affected het bone density.

  • Pray fr my daughters,my mum and my relarionship

    Please pray fr my daughter Natasha against bareness,cysts and marylyn,and laura to align to God will and mum for healing and peace and fr my relationship with Shaun God to restore it .to destroy evil foundations of my mother house fighting my marital destiny.I want to marry by April 2020

  • Financial breakthrough

    Pray for me so that I can get my breakthrough. Also pray for my husband to get saved.

  • None

    Pray for my health, my daughters to get saved
    Finances to start a business and to get out of debt

  • Pray for my Daughter

    Hello Everyone,
    Please help me pray for my daughter kimo.She keeps crying uncontrollably and only stops when she wants to. Pray that whatever is disturbing her may be Broken in Jesus Name. Also Pray for my husband that His business be a success. Amen

  • Witchcraft against my husband's destiny

    Greetings, am requesting you to pray for my husband Derrick, things with my husband aren't going well there people who are against him some are his friends and relatives they don't want him to succeed in his life. Please pray for him so that there powers can be destroyed. Thank you.

  • Pray for me

    God bless you all.Please pray for me.i am struggling with the death of my brother and friend.The pain is sometimes un bearable even when my heart knows he is home with jesus.
    Also pray for my familys property to be sold we really need the money.

    I shall be lifting every one in prayer too.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  • Pray for my family

    Please pray for my family... The devil is attacking our finances, marriages and health.
    In a special way iam praying for a husband and also God to bless me with a baby ..
    Remember my friend James and I pray for divine connection between us and may God grant us peace love and understanding and to declare arelationship in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  • Prayer request for room

    Please pray for my room to get rented out this month so that I can relocate. Thank you.

    Please also pray for me to be able to share Christ with my current housemates.

  • My Mother

    Prayer for family:

    1. That my Mum - Charity Mubuta can get totally healed from Dementia/Alzheimers disease
    2. That my grown up children will embrace and not shun the things and ways of God
    3. That I will grow even closer to God in the coming year and beyond

  • Healing

    Please pray for my health, my family and my work

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