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prayer request wall

Welcome! Below is a list of prayer requests made by those in genuine need of prayer. We take all the requests below seriously. You are invited to also pray for a request below if you get the chance. Let’s transform our communities through genuine prayer and love for one another.

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The Prayer Wall

  • Loosing Hope!

    Hi pastor and all my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Knowing the time!I wrote several weeks ago asking prayer for strength homeless at 73 years of age forabout 10 years and the prayer greatly lifted my SPIRITSo now it is not too much to ask I sure could use one more for help to survive the winter i seem to be getting weaker physically!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 1/24720

  • Understand the bible

    I'm struggling to read the bible, sometimes I try read but I dont always find it interesting I need prayer and inspiration

  • Australia

    Please pray

  • Happy new year

    Happy new year beloved

  • Relocation - Prayer for gods guidance and direction

    Our family is planning move to a country where we can have better resources and education for children.

    Please remember my family in prayer as we need the guidance of the holy spirit. We want not to find ourself in bad place where our children have no spiritual life.

    Lord help us.

  • I need help

    I need help because I am struggling with the issue of forgiveness.
    I find it hard to let go of the pain especially when I see the person who hurt me.
    Please help

  • Happily married

    God grant the desire of my peers and I who want to be happily married and for my family and friend to remain happily married!

  • New year

    Please pray for me to be able to become more spiritual and more forgiving in 2020

  • Pray for my husband

    Please pray for my husband who has been arrested and sentenced to life in prison

  • Exams

    Please pray for me to pass my exams that I did in November 2019 and financial break through.

  • Marriages

    Pray for marriages

  • Spiritual Increase

    Please pray for me to increase my spirituality

  • Family

    Thankyou Father God for everything you have done for me. My prayer request is for Chelsea and Shaun who to trusting God for a baby.
    I also want to prayer for my sons salvation. Thankyou Jesus that this is done in your mighty name. Amen

  • My family

    I'm asking for prayers for my family my grandma has Alzheimer's and is declining and my fiance lost his job last month he got layed off I'm praying he gets a new job soon so we can get a car and a place of our own we are supposed to get married in October i hope we can still do that not sure if he dont get a job soon

  • My step mom

    My step moms health is declining and she have a very young child I'm asking for prayers to help her so she can see her youngest go to school

  • Car accident

    I was recently in a car wreck that resulted in the totaling of my vehicle. I still owed $6000 on the car. Please, pray that my insurance covers the remainder of what was owed.

  • Work Permit

    Please pray for me to get work permit to be able to sustain myself here.
    Thank you & God bless

  • Ms

    My fiancé and I are getting married in March but finances don’t look good. We don’t want to postpone. We know and believe that God owns everything and He is capable of providing. Please help us pray for a break through

  • Ms

    For a miraculous breakthrough in my finances,I'm even contemplating suicide i need help immediately

  • Employment Opportunity

    I have been unemployed for four years. I have applied for opportunities which have been pending since application closure. Please pray for their positive response and ultimate employment.

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