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bible discussion questions

30+ Thought provoking bible discussion questions

Ever found yourself looking for a bible study topic or a bible discussion question? Well the aim of this page…

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Man about to die letter

This will leave you speechless [Christian Martyr’s Last Letter]

Christian de Chergé, was a French Catholic monk and the Trappist prior of the Tibhirine monastery in Algeria, and in…

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book of daniel reading time

Infographic: The book of Daniel reading time

How long would it take to read through the book of Daniel? As this is one of my favourite books…

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How long it takes to read the book of revelation

Infographic: How long does it take to read the book of Revelation?

How long would it take to read the Book of Revelation? I’ve decided to create a graphic which will tell…

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50 powerful inspiration christian quotes

50 Powerful Inspirational Christian Quotes To Encourage You Today

Everybody goes through struggles but for whatever reason people think because that because you’re a christian you’re not supposed to…

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do you celebrate valentine's day - christian poll

Christian Poll – Do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Is Valentine’s Day an important day to you? Why, why not? Share your opinion. Share the reason why you do/don’t…

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How long does it take to read the book of Romans

Infographic: How long does it take to read the book of Romans

Struggling to find time to read the bible? There are many great articles about how long it takes to read…

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book of Romans overview

Amazing Book of Romans Overview

As time has gone by I’ve come to love the book of Romans. It’s a book rich in terms of…

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20 quotes about the book of Romans

20 Quotes About The Book Of Romans

Quotes About The Book of Romans “This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and the very…

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Bible study notes what is salvation

Bible Study Notes On Salvation (with Chart)

What is salvation? The topic of salvation is one of the most important topics in the bible. It lies at…

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