The 5 S’s of The Great Controversy- Introduction

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By Studying the following 5 topics in depth, from  a biblical perspective , and a historical perspective my eyes were opened to the bigger picture of story of the bible.

The 5 S's on the bible

The 5 S’s Of The Great Controversy

After spending some time reading and analyzing the Great Controversy, i noticed that the book can be broken down into 8 main sections:

  1. The Destruction of Jerusalem
  2. The Early Church
  3. The Reformation
  4. The Sabbath
  5. The Second Coming of Christ
  6. The Sanctuary
  7. The State of the dead
  8. The Spirit of Prophecy

However we will only focus the last 5 topics in this series. I believe that when studied from the biblical perspective, these topics will provide enough enlightenment of the bigger picture of life and will also create a thirst and desire to learn more about God’s character and the plan of salvation.

  • Sabbath
  • Second Coming of Christ
  • Sanctuary
  • State of the dead
  • Spirit of Prophecy

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In the following blog posts we will be going through each of these topics and I’ll be sharing free resources too with each post. Hope to see you in the next post. If you have any questions drop me an email so i can address them.

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