Lessons from the book of Daniel (Videos)

Lessons from the Book of Daniel

This is the place to be! Welcome to this new series where we’ll be exploring some unmissable lessons from the book of Daniel. As part of this deep dive we will first begin by exploring the history that led to the capture of God’s people and how they ended up in Babylon. Topics that will be covered as part of this:

  • What does the book of Daniel talk about / main theme of the book of Daniel?
  • How to live in the last days
  • How to be more faithful
  • What is true education?
  • Daniel 2 prophecy
  • Daniel 7 prophecy
  • Daniel 8 prophecy
  • Daniel 11 prophecy

History before the life of Daniel

The history that led to God’s people being captured and taken to Babylon

Daniel Chapter 1 – True Education

In this video we explore Daniel chapter 1.

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The following sections below about Daniel 8 and Daniel 9 are some bonus content that we have included for your benefit.

Summary of Daniel 8

Daniel 8:1. The third year of Belshazzar, the last year of Babylon.Dan. 8:2. Daniel in Elam when given the vision.
Dan. 8:3-14. Symbols given, –a ram, a rough goat, a little horn, and the 2300
Dan 8:15. Daniel sought for the meaning.
Dan. 8:16. Gabriel commissioned to make him understand.
Dan. 8:20. Ram represented Medo-Persia.
Dan. 8:21. Goat a symbol of Greece.
Dan. 8:6, 7. Overthrow of Grecia by Medo-Persia.
Dan. 8:8, 22; 11:4. Grecia divided into four divisions.
Dan. 8:24, 25. The power following Grecia, which will be understood at the time of the end. Verse 17.
Dan. 8:26, 27. Gabriel began to explain the time mentioned in the 14th verse, but Daniel fainted and could not understand.

Summary of Daniel 9

Dan. 9:1. The first year of Medo-Persia’s universal reign. Since the vision of the 8th chapter Babylon had been overthrown.
Dan. 9:2. Daniel studied Jeremiah’s prophecy. Jer. 25:11, 12; 29:10;
Dan. 9:3-19. Daniel’s prayer reveals fear of lengthened captivity.
Dan. 9;20, 21. Gabriel appeared while Daniel was praying.
Dan. 9:22, 23. Came to give understanding. Daniel told to consider the vision.
Dan. 9:24. Gabriel begins where he left off in Dan. 8:26, and explains the 2300 days.
Dan. 9:25. The period begins with the command to restore and build Jerusalem.

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