10 Inspiring Bible stories about helping others

Bible stories about helping others

The following stories below are great examples which can inspire you to help others more. The stories in this post highlight the following:

  • Examples of true religion (loving thy neighbour)
  • Examples where prophets helped those in need
  • Examples where kings helped the people in need
  • Examples where God provided help
  • Bible verses and Chapters about helping others

Ruth and Naomi

Lesson: Helpers others

Read the story: Ruth 1:1-2:13

Whilst in a foreign land, Naomi’s two sons and her husband died. Naomi wanted to return to her homeland so she told her two daughter-in-laws, Orpah and Ruth, to also return to their parents. Orpah accepted the advice but Ruth made up her mind that she would go with Naomi. Ruth made a strong impression as she worked hard to support herself and Naomi. The book of Ruth 2:5-7 shows us how selfless and hard-working Ruth was as she helped Naomi. She was even praised for her good works by others.

David and Bathsheba

Lesson: Help those who stray away from the Lord

Read the full story: 1 Samuel 11 and 12

David was one of the great kings of Israel, however he took his mind off the lord and made a series of grave mistakes. One day, whilst standing on the balcony of his palace he saw Bathsheba, an attractive woman, bathing. The thoughts of lust took over his mind and he pursued her. He eventually committed adultery with her, she became pregnant and he then had her husband killed murdered. Nathan the prophet confronted, warned and helped King David come back to the way of the Lord. David repented, grieved his sin, and asked the Lord for forgiveness.

Elisha and The Wealthy Woman

Lesson: Helping those who preach about God)

Read the full story: 2 Kings 4

A wealthy woman lived in the town of Shunem. Whenever prophet Elisha would pass by she would invite him to her house and offer him some food. Eventually she built a room for him in her house. As a sign of thanks for all the help she had provided, Elisha told her that she would have a son the following year. Her son was born, but a few years later he died. The wealthy woman placed his body in Elisha’s room. She found Elisha and he came to the house and raised the boy from the dead.

King Jehoshaphat and prayers of the people

lesson: the Lord helps us

Read the full story: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Background story: The tribes of Israel were split into two kingdoms: Israel, the northern kingdom, and Judah, the southern. Ahab and Jezebel ruled the north and King Jehoshaphat ruled Judah in the south.

Jehoshaphat aimed to be a good King and he instructed and taught the people to follow God’s way. News came that an army was coming to attack the kingdom and all the people became very afraid. Jehoshaphat called all the people to fast and pray. A prophet spoke to the people and told not to worry because God would be in charge. The time for the battle came and Jehoshaphat sent the army to fight, but at the front of the army he put a group of men to use songs to praise the Lord (a rather peculiar war tactic).

Meanwhile, the lord set the enemy’s army to destroy themselves (the fighters turned on each other and fought amongst themselves) so by the time the army of Judah arrived they found that the men of the opposing army had killed each other. The war was over!

The Parable of a Good Samaritan

“Love they neighbour as thyself” is a commandment that was well known by the Jews. Jesus was asked who “neighbour” refers to in this command and he then goes on to tell the listeners the well known story of the good Samaritan.

lesson: help others that are in need

Read the full story: Luke 10:25 -37

The Jews at that time looked down on the Samaritans so you can imagine that when Jesus explained that it was a Samaritan who did good that they would have been perplexed. The Samaritan did the best that he could do to help the man that was in great need. Jesus made it clear that in this parable the Samaritan loved his neighbour, and in so doing he taught the lesson of helping those in need.

Peter & John Heal a Man

Lesson: Helping those who are in need

Read the story: Acts 3:1-4:22

There was a man who was born not being able to walk, he would sit at the entrance of the temple and he would beg for money. When Peter and John saw him they did not give him money, but instead they gave him the best kind of help. They healed him in the name Jesus and he was able to walk again.

The Resurrection of Dorcas (Tabitha)

Lesson: helping those in need and the impression it leaves on others

Read the story: Acts 9:36-43

In a town called Joppa, there lived a woman named Tabitha, also known as Dorcas in Greek. The church in town loved and treasured her so much that it is visible in the way in which they mourned for her when she fell ill and died. She was a true disciple, very helpful and she also made & fixed clothes and donated generously to the needy. They called the Apostle Peter to come to the house and when he arrived he saw widows holding the clothes that she had made for them.

Peter asked everyone to leave the room, he knelt down and prayed and then told Dorcas to get up. Her eyes opened and she looked at him and he helped her to stand up. Everyone was called back into the room to witness the miracle. We can only imagine the excitement that would have followed especially knowing how much the community loved Dorcas!

Isaiah Helps King Hezekiah Pray

Lesson: God helps his people when they are mocked

Read the story: 2 Kings 18-19

Hezekiah was a good king of Judah, during his reign he was determined to restore true worship and Godliness to the kingdom. An Assyrian king decided to launch an attack on Judah. He mocked God and also made fun of Hezekiah. Hezekiah prayed for protection. The prophet Isaiah informed Hezekiah that his prayer would be answered. The ‘angel of death’ destroyed the Assyrian army and their king was later killed by his very own sons.

Queen Esther

Lesson: Helping others through your blessings & privileges

Read the full story: Esther 1-10

Xerxes is the ruler of Persia, he holds a large feast and asks his wife, Vashti, to come so that the other important men at feast can see how beautiful she is. She refuses to obey the king (the bible doesn’t tell us why) and so he is angered and he deposes her as his queen. The king is now in search of a new queen throughout the kingdom.

Meanwhile Haman, the chief’s minister, is plotted the annihilation of Jews throughout the empire.

A girl named Esther (a Jew) is put forward by her cousin Mordecai to be one of the girls who the king would choose from. Amazingly enough the king chooses Esther to be his new queen. Esther is then able to persuade the king to retract the order to kill the Jews and this helps save her people.

Man Lowered Through a Roof

Lesson: Good friends help us come nearer to Christ

Read the full story: Mark 2:1-12

Jesus was in Capernuam, news went around and a crowd gathered to hear him speak. People knew that Jesus could perform miracles such as healing. A man who could not walk would not have been able to make it through the large crowd to see Jesus and get healed.

The friends of the man carried him up some stairs which eventually led them to the roof, and they made a hole in which to lower the man. They lowered him down to where Jesus was speaking. Jesus could see that these men had a high level of faith. These are true friends.

Jesus forgave the man of his sins and then went on to heal him, he could now walk again!

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