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Knowing The Time is a christian blog which provides encouraging christian content such as encouraging quotes, quizzes, personal experiences, courtship,  book reviews and short bible studies. The aim is to provide you with content that can be of benefit to your christian journey. 

I’m David,  a 28 year old with a strong passion for the christian faith. During university, whilst studying a computing degree I had many friends from all kinds of christian and cultural backgrounds. The difference in our opinions during our religious discussions triggered a keen desire within me to research deeper into the christian faith.

Through weeks & months of research and bible studies, I came across some amazing things from the bible which I had never fully understood before. I talk about some of these discoveries in the Great Controversy and Bible Studies section of the website.

These amazing bible studies helped me solidify my faith in bible truth and in christian faith. To be honest it made the bible more exciting to read too!  Studying the book of Daniel and Revelation is what led me to create & call the blog ‘knowing the time’.

A few years ago I also completed a health & evangelism training course which has inspired a lot of the posts on this website.

Wondering where to start? Check out this post, it’s been one of the most popular over the last 12 months.

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